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Our Blog: March 30, 2017

Meet Our Children’s Courtyard Staff – Ms. Eman, Lead Toddler Teacher

eman-profile-photoMeet Ms. Eman, Lead Toddler Teacher at The Children’s Courtyard in North Richland Hills, TX. She has 28 years of early childhood experience and has been a member of our CCY team for three years. Check out our Q&A with her to learn more!


Tell us about your background and experience in early child care and education.

Back in my country of Egypt, I finished four years of college studying computers, how to fix the computers, how to program the computers. I also had my own daycare and that’s how I started.

Why did you decide to start a daycare?

I loved the kids. I could handle the kids very well. My parents and the people I loved saw me doing well at that, so they suggest I work in daycare. I just found myself with the kids. I’m doing something great and changing the kids’ lives. In two years, my daycare was full with a waiting list three years in advance because everybody liked what I was doing for the kids. I was excited because I found myself. I’m doing something good for the people and for the kids I love. Everybody was so proud. It just became my career.

How has being involved in early child education been rewarding?

I make a change in the students’ lives. I feel I’m making a change. That’s what I feel I give to the kids.

Can you take us through a typical day in your toddler classroom?

We start out with breakfast. The students eat and wash hands and have circle time. We read books, do flashcards, review the alphabet and do numbers in English and Spanish, and review shapes. After that we have outside time. They play outside, but if it’s cold or raining, I have the sensory table ready for them. After that we take a break, wash hands, and get some milk or water and later on we sit and do art. We follow the curriculum but if we have a holiday, we’ll do something about that. After that, music comes on and we have instruments. We let them play with the music, and this is how I get them interested and that’s how I keep them awake and happy! We play with them; I show them a lot of songs. We wash hands again and give them lunch. After that, they go to sleep and they wake up between 2 to 2:30. We give them snack and then go outside. We have a little circle time after that and then we have sensory table time. They go home by about then.

What’s something you enjoy about working with toddlers every day?

I like when they discover their own problems and are able to work through them themselves!

What do you love so much about your job here at The Children’s Courtyard?

Working with the kids. They realize I’m doing a good job and it’s amazing. I like to work with kids, and this is what I want.