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Junior Kindergarten Program

Where Young 5-Year-Olds Achieve Success

Junior Kindergarten offers your child the opportunity to discover what kindergarten is really like. While achieving critical skills for elementary school, they get accustomed to the structure and format of a kindergarten school day. With award-winning and nationally recognized early childhood programs and curricula, reading, writing, and math lessons are at a kindergarten level.

This program for young 5-year-olds and older 4-year-olds helps them focus on:

  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Finding multiple ways to solve problems
  • Organizing work
  • Controlling impulses and sustaining attention

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Curriculum and Developmental Benchmarks

In Junior Kindergarten, children prepare for school with kindergarten-level learning experiences in science, social studies, the arts, literacy and math. Award-winning, nationally recognized, research-based curricula is offered:

Literacy by Design: Balancing experiences for the whole class and small groups, as well as independent learning activities, this curriculum creates a strong connection between reading and writing. The tools are provided to encourage and inspire students with the art of active literacy, while meeting all appropriate state standards.

My Math: This program uses research-based strategies and engages children through a focus on real-world applications, to challenge and inspire children toward confidence in their own mathematical skills. Children develop conceptual understanding, procedural skill, and fluency, enabling them to steadily grow their math confidence.

Handwriting Without Tears®: By learning to properly form letters, handwriting becomes a simple, automatic skill for students. This unique program was designed by occupational therapists and has been shown to produce improvements in letter size, spacing, and overall legibility for students.

In this classroom, children work to develop kindergarten-level skills, without the expectation of mastery. Their progress is tracked across five developmental scales: 


    Language & Literacy

    The ability to name letters in the alphabet, upper- and lowercase, the ability to assemble sounds in order to read and write short words, the ability to engage in early reading, writing, vocabulary, and communication.



    The ability to understand numbers, patterns, sorting and ordering, and geometry, as well as the ability to use numbers to add, subtract, measure, and graph.


    Nature and Science

    The ability to understand the natural and physical world, as well as the ability to observe, describe, predict, and gather data.


    Self-Help & Social Skills

    Displaying the ability to compromise in a situation of conflict; speaking up and asking questions to further explore classroom topics.


    Physical Development and Health

    The ability to use fine and gross motor skills to navigate the environment, as well as the ability to understand health and nutrition.

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