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Our Blog: March 7, 2022

Inspiring Teachers to Do Their Best Work

0641 (4) (002)As our families know, children didn’t come to school on February 21, but our educators did! It was our annual winter Professional Development Day giving teachers a chance to become students for the day. Our school teams worked hard to learn new and exciting ways to inspire and educate the children in their care—while gearing up a big improvement in the way we connect with families.

In this 2022 training, we specifically explored:

The Meaning of Our Work

Teachers watched a heartwarming video dedicated to the important work they do each day. They were reminded of how their profession and commitment to early education benefits children, families, and their communities in so many ways, and for years to come.

Lesson Planning and Meeting the Needs of Students

Our educators learned how to modify activities to meet the developmental needs and interests of the children in their classrooms. They were also able to use this time to brainstorm and start planning for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

SproutAbout Introduction

Our new proprietary family communications app will be rolled out to all our schools soon! Designed with your specific needs in mind, teachers will play a vital role in making it a successful and welcome change. SproutAbout will greatly improve the way you connect to the classroom experience, communicate with school leaders, learn about your child’s day, and so more.

Mathematical Thinking

Teachers learned how to connect mathematical concepts to the language used to aid in the development of skills at all ages. This is just another step in the journey to ensure children are ready for school with basic knowledge, critical thinking excellence, and problem-solving skills.