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At The Children’s Courtyard, we’re pleased to offer several educational experiences, at an additional fee, that introduce your child to subjects beyond their daily curriculum Our programs are designed for expanding their minds, energizing their bodies, and building their confidence.

Yoga pose It’s no stretch to say yoga is great! Children learn simple yoga poses and collaborative games in this program, while developing healthy bodies, minds, and communities.

SpanishFrom an early age, children have a great ability to learn more than one language. Through this creative, fun program, they develop conversational Spanish with stories, songs, and games.

MusicSing out! Engaging video lessons about music explore simple, fun musical concepts to introduce children to singing and even playing musical instruments.

SoccerAs children cooperate as a team, they develop important motor skills and soccer techniques. Most importantly, they work on their collaboration skills, which they’ll put to use for years to come.

Note: Programs may vary by school and program availability is subject to minimum enrollment requirements.

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