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An Exceptional Summer Camp

Embracing Epic Summer Fun

The days are filled with exploration, discovery, and wonder! All summer long, your child will love spending time with their friends, enjoying cool experiences, and making memories to cherish.

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Our unique summer program is inspired by the imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm of children. Our dedicated camp guides (experts in fun and learning) are here to facilitate quality activities during our Wonder Weeks that keep children excited and engaged. That means special field trips (for older kids), plenty of outdoor playtime, games, projects, crafts, and much more.

Wondercamp serves three distinct age groups: Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-Agers (up to age 12). Healthy meals and snacks (that even picky eaters love) keep children energized throughout the day. And they’ll just love the cool summer T-shirt they receive!

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Wondercamp Is Where It’s At

Fantastic field trips.

Our classrooms have lots to explore—but so does the community! Big kids take weekly field trips, sometimes more! And we bring interactive experiences right to school for younger campers.

Amazing activities and themes.

Play games, splash around, explore fantasy worlds, try 3d building, dig into plants and nature, make cool projects, get messy (on purpose)! Discover and enjoy new concepts every week.

Exceptional safety standards.

Your peace of mind is everything. Our experienced team is trained year-round to practice rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure your child is always safe, secure, and happy.

Healthy, delicious food (and fun).

Our Grow Fit® program is at play, every day, to help little one builds healthy habits. That means well-balanced meals and snacks, plenty of physical activity, and limited screen time. 

Dynamic digital experience (for families).

Peek in on your child’s day, anytime. Our intuitive, all-in-one app gives you access to live streaming video, real-time updates, direct messaging, and more. You won’t miss a thing!

Locations nationwide.

We’d love to show you around and share even more. Find your neighborhood school to schedule a tour and secure your summer camp spot early. Now that’s peace of mind.