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teacher and student writing at tableOur goal at The Children’s Courtyard is to build a strong foundation so your child can achieve a bright future. And that’s the same thing we do for our educators. By providing them with training opportunities and career development, we know that they are becoming experts and masters, prepared to provide the most high-quality early education experience possible to our children.

Learning Management System: Staying up-to-date on child development issues and best classroom practices is essential and so our educators receive regular online training.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA): Our CDA Preparation program (offered in partnership with the Council for Professional Recognition), is available to assist teachers seeking this nationally recognized credential, which makes them certified child experts.

Master Teacher Program: The next step for our teachers after receiving a CDA is to build their experience through our Master Teacher Program. Advanced child development and curriculum courses prepare our teachers to master the early education experience and to train new teachers to provide the best classroom environment they can.

School Education Manager Program: This is where curriculum experts are made. Our School Education Managers (SEMs) understand all aspects of the educational experience at our school so they can be effective coaches and mentors to our educators. This helps to ensure a high quality educational experience for every child.

Teacher Feature

November & December

Meet Miss Sharlene! She’s been with us for 17 years and has always been a stellar team member. As our Early Preschool Lead Teacher, she’s a rock star with potty training, and overcoming challenges with her children. She has a positive attitude no matter what is going on. Parents love her and know their children will get a lot out of her classroom. Miss Sharlene does a great job varying her teaching style; she can easily adjust to what the kids need. She also uses everything around her to teach her kids and uses a variety of materials for their projects. For example, she’ll bring in vegetables for the kids to paint. Miss Sharlene also does a wonderful job going beyond the curriculum, as she adds in her own lessons, such as social skills and responsibilities.


Our Curriculum

The HighScope educational philosophy is built on a foundation of active learning. This inspires everything we do in the classroom and guarantees that our curriculum is delivered through hands-on learning experiences. In addition, children are strongly encouraged to plan their own activities, engage independently, and review their experiences once completed.

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Positive Behavior Support

When children exhibit challenging behavior in our classrooms, our teachers are prepared to create a development opportunity and engage children with positive learning experiences, through research-based methods and strategies.

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