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Before and After School Care

Exceptional morning and afternoon support.

Elementary school students (up to age 12) will love our personalized program and classroom. It’s designed with purpose to meet the needs of older children and their evolving needs. We set them up for success with flexible schedules, healthy snacks, homework support, and STEM activities to explore!

Start and end the day strong.

Prepare for class.

Our morning routine includes personal goals, calm activities, and nutritious breakfast options to energize your child for the day ahead. We want them to take on the day with confidence and ease. 

Winding down.

After school, we’ll make sure your student has the space to ease into their evening and connect with friends. A mix of free play and structured, play-based activities inspire big fun—inside and out.

Get homework done.

Our educators encourage children to work through their assignments while they’re here, so it’s one less thing you have to manage! They’ll also have access to a well-stocked school supplies station.

STEM learning.

We’re always looking for engaging ways to support the developing mind. Students will love discovering new skills and ideas through the hands-on exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Stay connected.

You won’t miss a thing! We send regular updates about your child’s day with our SproutAbout® app. You’ll also have access to live streaming video and photos of their experiences.

Need a Ride?

Ask your school director about possible transportation from your elementary school.