Seven Helpful Tips for the New School Year

The lazy days of summer have come to an end. Welcome back to school at The Children’s Courtyard! Here are some helpful tips to get your new school year started without a glitch.

  1. Get a head start on making friends. When possible, arrange for your child to engage in play or social groups with the children they will see in their new classroom. This may be already happening, since many schools do not transition children in the summer months. This gives children a head start on establishing friendships and interacting with their peers.
  2. Don’t forget a thing! Purchase an empty calendar or “reminder book” and attach a pen with a string or Velcro®. This will be handy to keep track of all the great activities and events that occur at school as well as appointments.
  3. Help everyone stay on time. Involve your child in the process of keeping the family on time. Purchase a sand dial or a timer. Set the timer together with your child at wake up time. Set easy rules such as, “when the timer goes off, we are heading to the car,” or “when all the sand is gone, you should be dressed.” These simple strategies can turn early morning power struggles into time efficient independent activities that are led by your child.
  4. Do your morning stretches. Help get those sleepy heads out of bed, with a morning stretch! The combination of breathing and movement helps get children out of bed. Here are a few to try:
    • Butterfly with Antennae – Sit up straight , bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together. Bend the elbows and flap the arms and legs like wings
    • Shake Like Jelly – Just wiggle and jiggle your whole body from head to toe
    • Reach for the Sun – Stand up tall. Breathe in as you reach up high with one of your hands and grab a piece of sunshine. Pull it down to your belly and exhale
  5. Bake a make-ahead breakfast. No time for sit down morning meals? Bake and freeze a batch of muffins. This is a quick, easy and nutritious morning snack on the go!
  6. Organize the Schoolwork! Prepare clipboards with your children’s names on them, using a designated place within the home. Encourage each child to decorate a clipboard. As they bring home important notices and reminders, guide them in placing the information on their signature clipboards. Personalized for them, but they’re also handy places to keep school reminders and artwork for you!
  7. Start the Day with a Masterpiece. Your child will bring home tons of artwork throughout the school year. Start the day off by showcasing projects on cereal boxes. During the morning snack, everyone can marvel at the awesome creations.