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Our Blog: February 12, 2024

Combat Winter Illness with Healthy Habits

The winter months bring a lot of great seasonal experiences. The holidays, extra family time, festive celebrations, and snow in some regions. Unfortunately, the cooler months can also bring more runny noses, coughs, colds, and minor illnesses.

The spread of germs is inevitable this time of year but being proactive helps! Learning Care Group, the parent company of our community of schools, has many policies and procedures in place to keep schools clean and to help combat any illnesses that may arise.

  • Classrooms are cleaned daily with a 3-step sanitation process to ensure the effective disinfecting of surfaces.
  • Every school implements handwashing procedures to ensure children, teachers, staff, and visitors all wash their hands frequently using best practices.
  • Our child illness procedure ensures we maintain the healthiest environment possible. For more severe illnesses, we follow steps to minimize exposure to any contagious symptoms.

You can help reduce the spread of common wintertime illnesses by doing these 3 things:

Wash, wash, wash!

Washing your child’s hands regularly is the easiest way to keep germs away. Make handwashing fun by singing a silly song, using colorful or scented soaps, or turning it into a game. Play Simon Says to call out various parts of your child’s hands as they scrub.

Allow extra time to rest.

Slowing down and providing opportunities for your child to rest and recharge their bodies will keep them feeling healthy and energized. Snuggling up to read a book or doing a puzzle together are both great ways to relax while continuing to bond.

Eat healthy meals and snacks.

Filling children’s bodies with healthy foods helps to keep them feeling energized and provides them with the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system. Make one of our Grow Fit recipes! There are tons of ideas in the school blog (and our newsletter too!).

Remember, children are resilient! Although these minor illnesses are inconvenient and common, practicing healthy habits can reduce the frequency and support faster recoveries. Stay well!