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Our Blog: March 6, 2023

New App Feature: School Experience

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. SproutAbout® will now include a new feature to make it easier for you to provide insight about your child care experience on a regular basis. 

Has it been an awesome week? Tell us!  

Do you have a concern? Please share. 

Your activity feed will soon display a simple rating scale for each of your children. This is a quick and easy way to let us know how they’re doing and how you’re feeling each week. You’ll also have the option to include more detail about your week if you have specific feedback or comments to share. 


These reviews will be sent directly to school leadership. Before submitting your remarks, you’ll see an option to be contacted by a director to discuss your feedback. You can opt in by simply checking the box, as shown above. Leave it unchecked if it’s not necessary. 

We want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to tell us about their school experience. This is just another method to make that feedback more accessible. SproutAbout® Messaging will continue to be available as a great way to stay in contact with us each day. 

Please feel free to use this feedback system as often as you can. The more we hear from our families, the more we can do to make your school experience everything you want it to be—and more! 

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