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Our Blog: December 2, 2022

Create Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

Add a personal touch to the season of giving by creating your own holiday gift tags. It’s a great way for children of all ages to share their artwork in small doses with family and friends.

The best part about this month’s craft is that it’s completely open-ended! You don’t need specific crafting supplies or detailed instructions to make a little magic happen. We’ve left it entirely up to you.

All you need to get started is our FREE Gift Tag Template. Simply print it and let the inspiration follow. We’ve provided 5 shapes for you to make your own. Watch this video to start imagining the possibilities.


If you snap a few pictures or share your own reel, make sure you tag us! We’d love to see the unique designs you come up with. And above all else—HAVE FUN!

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Providing only crayons or colored pencils to make this a mess-free craft. If you’re feeling brave (like us!) cover your crafting area with wax paper, newspaper, or a crafting mat for easy cleanup.
  • Print your template on thicker paper (ex: resume paper or cardstock) to handle more intense crafting supplies such as paint, markers, glitter glue, etc.
  • Keep wipes or paper towels handy for messes.
  • If you use glitter, shake it over a paper plate!
  • Use a hole punch to easily create a hole for the string, cord, or thread you’ll be using to turn it into a gift tag. Don’t have one? No problem! Just tape it right to your gift.
  • We left the shapes blank intentionally so you can write your own “To:” and “From:” messages. If it fits into the design, great! If there’s no room, flip it over and write on the back.

If you enjoy making these, share this article and save the template for future use. You can use the simple shapes to inspire creative gift tags for birthdays, teacher appreciation, etc.