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Our Blog: September 1, 2022

Honor Your Roots with a Family Tree

Sept-Craft-1200x630Grandparents Day is celebrated in September each year to pay tribute to the important influences of our more experienced family members. 

Arts and crafts are a great way to connect with grandparents or other special people in your life. If you can come together to create—even better! You might learn something new and interesting as your grandparent(s) reflect on the past. Be curious and ask questions! They’ll love your enthusiasm and will likely be eager to share some of their wisdom.  

If your grandparents live too far away or are locked in your hearts forever, creating a family tree is the perfect way to shine a light on their legacy. Talk about their favorite foods, a job they used to have, or something funny they used to say. Reliving memories through stories helps us stay connected. 

The beautiful thing about family trees is that no two are alike, so creativity is a must! Some will be small and slender with dainty, but strong, branches. Others will be large and robust with a big presence and lots of limbs. Start by sketching out the basics of your family network and then guide your child to create an original work of art that any grandparent would be proud of. 

Gather these things: 

  • White paper  
  • Colored construction paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Crayons or markers
  • Pen or pencil 

Begin by cutting out the shape of your tree. Green is a popular choice, but any color will do. Perhaps the rich colors of fall feel inspiring. Don’t forget to make a trunk! Glue these elements onto a piece of plain white paper to create your base. 

Now cut smaller circles—one for each family member. Help your child draw defining features for each person. Looking at photos might help! Do they have blue eyes or glasses? Curly hair or no hair?  

Glue each completed face on the tree showing where they each fall in the hierarchy of your family. Draw lines to connect them and write each person’s name under their face.  

You can even create more than one if you’d like to focus on one side at a time. We hope you’ll enjoy the gratitude-filled walk down memory lane!