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Our Blog: August 17, 2021

9 Educational Apps for Young Children

Here are 9 education apps for young children that are guaranteed to be so much fun, your kiddos won’t even realize they’re learning!

  • Quick Math Jr., ages 3-7 – This math app is sure to get your little ones excited about learning foundational skills. Featuring fun, loveable monsters, the app uses fast-paced mini games to keep kiddos engaged and learning.
  • Starfall ABCs, ages 2-5 – Designed for Preschool through Kindergarten students, this app introduces young children to the basics of learning the alphabet. There are various levels of the Starfall series (“Learn to Read,” “Fun to Read,” “I’m Reading!”), so your child can progress to the next phase once they are comfortable with the ABCs.
  • PBS Kids Games, ages 2-8 – Science, math, creativity and more are covered in loads of fun games through this free app. Plus, there’s a parent feature available that provides information about learning goals, intended age, and more.
  • Montessori Preschool, ages 3-7 – Designed by certified Montessori teachers, this app contains various lessons in phonics, coding, math, practical life, creativity and more. Guaranteed to keep your child engaged and learning
  • Kahn Academy Kids, ages 2-8 – This app covers all core subjects, such as science, writing, language, and more. Additionally, the activities in this app were developed by education experts from Stanford University and are aligned with Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and Common Core Standards. Plus, it’s completely free, no subscription required and no advertisements.
  • Hungry Caterpillar Play School, ages 4+ – Meaningful play drives learning in this fun, colorful app. Puzzles, songs, and video help keep children engaged as they learn about nature, math skills, and creative arts.
  • Moose Math, ages 3-7 – Kids will go on playful math adventures with this app that explores counting, addition, geometry and more, all guided by whimsical “Duck Duck Moose” characters.
  • Goodness Shapes, ages 4+ – In this app, little ones will go on 12 relaxing (yet still engaging!) adventures that teach shapes, colors, and patterns. While the app isn’t free, it does only cost $1.99 and can be played off Wifi from anywhere.
  • Dragonbox Numbers, ages 4-8 – This award winning app teaches children the fundamentals of math through games that teach understanding and fluidity as opposed to simply memorization. In this app, kids will learn by using colorful “Nooms,” which are characters inspired by Cuisenaire and Montessori rods.