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Our Blog: March 6, 2020

Students for a Day

PDD 2020 6642 - 1On February 17, we had a great Professional Development Day for our teachers. This is a very special opportunity for our teachers to become students for a day. We worked hard and learned exciting new ways to inspire and educate your children! 

In this training, we specifically explored: 

Encouraging Positive Behavior 

Our teachers learned about reframing challenging behavior as an opportunity to teach positive behavior skills. They were introduced to the Environment Experience of myPath (our positive behavior support app) and learned how a well-designed environment can prevent challenging behavior and promote positive behavior. 


Planning Summer Camp 

Teachers worked together to plan fun, engaging summer camp experiences for both Preschool and Pre-K, as well as school-age campers. 


Planning Summer Learning and Fun for Younger Ones 

Teachers worked on planning summer activities for younger children: Toddlers, Twos, and Early Preschool. 


Teacher-Child Interactions, With a Focus on Primary Caregiving 

Infant teachers learned about an important aspect of our new Infant curriculum: Teacher-Child Interactions and Primary Caregiving. The session explored a teacher’s role in supporting infant development, with tips and strategies for setting up a robust Primary Caregiving System. 


After this comprehensive training, we look forward to enhancing every child’s classroom experience and to continue offering a quality education for your little ones.