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Our Blog: December 10, 2019

An Exceptional In-Service Day

CCYRecently, we had a great in-service training day for our teachers. Everyone worked hard and learned exciting new ways to inspire and educate the children in our care! This is a very special opportunity for our teachers to become students for a day. 

At our schools, we’re inspired by the HighScope educational philosophy. The foundation of the HighScope approach is active learning and children’s initiative. Children’s critical thinking, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities are developed through strong teacher-child interactions and a robust Plan-Do-Review process.  

Our training was dedicated to two important elements of the HighScope approach: 

  • Plan, Do, Review: Children make intentional plans, carry them out, and then reflect on what they’ve done. Children take the lead in this process while the teacher supports them. 
  • Scaffolding: This is when teachers support the children in what they already know and then gently encourage them to extend their learning and thinking to the next level. 

With these new skills, we look forward to enhancing every child’s classroom experience and to continue offering a quality education for all our little ones. 

About the Author

Dr. Susan Canizares

Dr. Susan Canizares is the Chief Academic Officer at Learning Care Group, responsible for leading all aspects of the educational mission. Dr. Canizares earned her Ph.D. in language and literacy development from Fordham University and a master’s degree in special education, specializing in Early Childhood, from New York University. She has authored more than 100 nonfiction photographic titles for beginning readers. Some of her published credits include Side by Side Series: Little Raccoon Catches a Cold and A Writer’s Garden.