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Our Blog: April 25, 2019

Family Staycation Ideas!

You don’t have to travel far to have an awesome Memorial Day. Here are some stay-at-home vacation ideas that are fun for you and your family.

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt
  2. Family board game tournament
  3. Camp in the backyard
  4. Go on a hiking trip
  5. Be a tourist in your city
  6. Go to a nearby amusement park
  7. Spend a day at the beach or pool
  8. Take cookies, books, or movies to a nearby Veteran’s hospital
  9. Go to the zoo or aquarium
  10. Plan a craft day for the whole family
  11. Visit a farm
  12. Build a blanket fort
  13. Check out the local library
  14. Go to a Memorial Day parade
  15. Plan a dance party in the living room
  16. Bake together
  17. Movie marathon
  18. Family photoshoot
  19. Make a family scrapbook
  20. Family bike ride
  21. Stay at a local hotel for the night
  22. Go ice-skating indoors
  23. Have a kids’ choice day
  24. Visit a local children’s museum
  25. Have a spa day at home