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Our Blog: August 10, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Child’s Artwork

Throughout the year, you’re going to collect boatloads and boatloads of drawings, paintings, and mixed-media art that will go from the fridge to a file folder in your bedroom. But what to do with them when the folders start to burst? Here are five meaningful ways to repurpose or preserve your kiddos’ school masterpieces:

  1. Gift Wrap – This is a perfect idea for a grandparent’s, aunt’s or uncle’s birthday. Not only do they get the gift inside, but they get to keep the personalized “gift-wrap” it came in!
  2. Greeting Card – Everyone loves getting snail mail, so have your little ones turn their art into a greeting card! They could even cut pieces from multiple projects to create a collage to help declutter even more.
  3. Turn it into a Stamp – Yes, you can create a custom postage stamp with your child’s artwork! This would be especially fun during the holiday season when you can send out greeting cards with your kiddo’s own personal stamp on it (literally). You can find a vendor here.
  4. Create a Photo Book – This could be an actual photo album, or a digital album on your computer. Take photos of all of your children’s artwork from the year and save them in a folder or photo album. This way, you can recycle some of their projects while preserving their memory in a photo.
  5. Create a Calendar – It will be fun to see your little one’s artwork from the previous year as you flip through the months of a custom calendar. You can create one here: