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Our Blog: March 28, 2018

Meet Our Children’s Courtyard Staff – Ms. Salma, Infant Teacher

Meet Ms. Salma, lead infant teacher at The Children’s Courtyard on Longenbaugh Rd. in Houston, TX! She has been at this location for 18 years and is currently working towards becoming a certified Master Teacher through our parent company, the Learning Care Group. Read our Q&A with Ms. Salma to learn more about this talented member of our team!


You work with our littlest learners. What’s special about teaching them in their earliest years?

I love the infants. I see them every day, and I see all their firsts. From the rolling over to taking steps. That is my life. It’s so amazing and I love to watch them.

Why are early education programs important for kids today?

It’s really getting important, even for infants. They learn quicker and we help them meet all their milestones. We teach them a lot about sign language, talking and moving. They’re learning a lot. I think it’s really, really important.

Can you share some examples of activities that you might do with your students each day?

We read books and sing songs all day long. We have finger painting and do other artwork. Then we do the basic stuff, like reaching out and playing with them.

How do you maintain strong communication with your students’ families?

I make sure that we have a picture sent to the parents each day. I talk to them and get to know them and make sure to get all the information about the child from heir parent about how they’re sleeping, eating, what they like or don’t like. I try to send a note and pictures via brightwheel. I communicate a lot.

What do you love about working here at The Children’s Courtyard?

I love working at The Children’s Courtyard because of the kids, of course. And the families here, they are so good. They just really appreciate us. Working here, the management and everything is good. That’s why I’ve been here 18 years. Every day I come in excited!