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Our Blog: August 10, 2017

5 Easy, No-Nonsense School Lunches

shutterstock_662040163Parenting is tough – packing a killer lunch for your kids shouldn’t be. Here are some of our favorite lunch ideas that don’t involve intricate bento boxes or elaborate food art.

  1. Pasta Salad We know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t want to spend an hour chopping endless amounts of veggies!” Well, you don’t have to with this awesomely easy spinach and ravioli salad. Mozzarella=protein, spinach=vitamin K, child’s taste buds=satisfied.
  2. Roll Ups We’re not talking regular old turkey roll ups here. These are turkey and cheese “sushi sandwiches.” It’s like a roll up, but for the modern-day child! The best part? It only requires six simple ingredients that you probably already have. Get the recipe here!
  3. Waffle Sandwich So you think that all you have in your house for lunch is enough for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, right? Wrong. If you have frozen waffles, and we know you do, then you have just about everything you need to take old PB&Js up a notch. Pop two in the toaster, smother on some jelly and nut butter, add a few sliced bananas and you’ve got an upgrade of your childhood classic.
  4. DIY Lunchables Cheese squares, deli meat and crackers. All you need for DIY “lunchables.”Kids will like being able to make their own lunch, and you’ll love the fact that these are not only healthier, but cheaper to make than the real thing. Get some more lunchable recipes here.
  5. Homemade Uncrustables Ok so these sandwiches take a little bit of prep, but we promise it will be worth it! Spend some time Sunday prepping these and you’ll be able to thrown them from the freezer into your kiddos’ lunches. Boom! Get the recipe here.