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Our Blog: February 1, 2017

Date Night With Kids

shutterstock_392790640It’s almost Valentine’s Day and for many people that means Date Night. But that can be challenging with kids. Sometimes you can’t find help or a babysitter when you need it. So, here’s our guide to navigate a family night out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Be brave, be prepared—and have fun!

  • Pick your restaurant wisely. Do some research and find one with a kid-friendly menu and a somewhat noisy environment to drown out outdoor voices that should be indoor voices.
  • Eat early. This avoids the busy times and hopefully means you get your food faster. An early dinner also means avoiding overtired or over-hungry kiddos.
  • Order first. Look up the kids menu ahead of time and order right when you sit down. This way the food comes fast with less down time.
  • While you’re waiting for your food, explore around the restaurant. Do they have interesting wall art? Play a game of I Spy. Or the Alphabet Game—search for the letters of the alphabet if there are lots of signs or words on the walls.
  • Come prepared. Bring snacks in case the food takes too long. Or a stash of toys that the kids don’t normally play with, so they don’t lose their luster and keep your child’s interest longer.
  • Be prepared to leave. Any well-intentioned dinner out can go downhill quickly. Keep in mind you might need to get a doggy bag and abandon ship!
  • Finally: Go out more often! The more you eat out with your kids, the better they’ll get on understanding the etiquette of eating out.