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Our Blog: December 8, 2016

Slowing Down the Season

shutterstock_523948348-1We all know the holiday season can be hectic, frantic, and over in a flash. This year, try slowing down a bit. Make time for simple things. Spend time with family, take a breath, enjoy yourself.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your holiday happenings this year.

  • Bake together. Find a traditional recipe from your own childhood to share with your kids or find something new to try together.
  • Give back. Adopt a family from a local charity and enjoy shopping for those in need.
  • Holiday cruise. Take a slow drive through your neighborhood or town to enjoy all the holiday lights on display.
  • Game night. Spend an evening at home playing a game or doing a puzzle as a family.
  • Silly stuff. Take a little extra time to be silly. Go outside and throw some snowballs, do some finger-painting or have a dance party in the kitchen! It’s a great time of year to simply enjoy your kids being kids. (And you’re never too old to join in the fun.)
  • Story time. Read an extra book or two at bedtime…even if you’ve already read four! Bonus points if the books are holiday-themed.
  • Movie night. Curl up with a blanket, sit back with a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy a movie or favorite holiday show together as a family.

Happy holidays, from our family to yours!