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Our Blog: May 24, 2016

Meet Our Children’s Courtyard Staff – Ms. Angie, Lead Preschool Teacher

20160512154631377Meet Angie, the Lead Preschool Teacher at our location on South Carrier Parkway in Grand Prairie, TX. She has her Child Development Associate’s credential, 13 years of early childhood experience and has been a part of our Children’s Courtyard team since 2015. Read our Q&A with Angie to learn more about her!


For you, what is so rewarding about teaching preschoolers?

Oh I love it! It’s when I’m trying to teach something, whether it’s the ABCs, colors, shapes, or numbers, and they say it back to me, it’s like “Oh, they did get it!” I love it when I see that they’re getting it. That’s my reward. I’m doing it right.

What types of activity centers do you have available for your students in the classroom?

I have home center which consists of the kitchen and play food. There’s the science center that has bugs and magnifying glasses. Then we have our reading center where I have two little chairs there and a bookshelf. I have music center, I have block center, and then I have the manipulatives center where I have puzzles and things like that.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment since you’ve been at The Children’s Courtyard?

My favorite would probably have to be how easily I can be motherly to them. It just comes to naturally to me. These children who come in are strangers, but maybe by the third or fourth day, it’s like I’ve known this child for all their life. I love that feeling of coming into the building knowing I’m going to be greeted with smiles and hugs and everything.

Could you share a memorable moment?

I had a parent who would keep to herself. This parent always came in and looked at me and gave me a little smile and picked up her child. We called this mother every day so she could speak to her child because her child has some separation issues, and as long as she talked to her mom, she was able to go on with the rest of her day. One time I got her mom on the phone and she said, “May I ask you, how do you do your hair?” And I’m thinking, “How do I do my hair? Why would she ask me this question?” and I just told her I have a pony tail and it’s in a braid. She said, “Okay, thank you.” And that was it. Next day, mom comes in and she starts talking to me, and she said her daughter wanted to wear “Ms. Angie’s hair.” And that’s why she asked about my hair. From that point on, we would speak and we say “hi” to each other! It was nice know that her daughter asked to do “Ms. Angie’s hair,” and for the mom to take the time to ask me. Now, her daughter comes in with a “Ms. Angie” braid!

How do you keep communication open between yourself and the parents?

We have the PreciouStatus mobile app and that’s what I usually use to communicate with them. I am also available for the parents no matter what the time is. My job does not end at 6:30 when I clock out. If they need to speak to me before 8:30 when I clock in or after 6:30 when I clock out, I’m here. I try to be there as much as I can.