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Our Blog: September 16, 2015

Meet Our Staff – Mrs. Glenn, Lead Infant Teacher

Children's Courtyard Infant Teacher

Mrs. Glenn, lead infant teacher at our Arlington location on Ballpark Way, has been a part of The Children’s Courtyard family for 24 years. She began as an assistant director at a different location in 1991, but sought a different role in in 1994 which was when she took on current position in Arlington. Read on to learn more about Glenn and her dedication to early education here at The Children’s Courtyard!


Tell us about your background in early childhood care and education.

I’ve been in ECE for over 35 years. In high school I enrolled in a youth/work program that allowed students to work after schools and summers. I chose to work with children and was assigned to work at a church daycare as a three year old teacher, and remained there throughout high school.  I really enjoyed it!  In college, I chose early childhood education as a minor and I majored in food and nutrition to become a dietitian. I lived in Houston and worked as a preschool coordinator for several child care programs, and was a recreation specialist for the City of Houston- Parks and Recreation Department where I worked with older kids. In Fort Worth I worked at a daycare for five years before getting hired at The Children’s Courtyard as an assistant director.

What drew you into a career in early childhood education, including infant care?

It’s something I desired early in life. There wasn’t really anything that drew me to it. It was what I knew and, did well.  When I started working with the infants, I got attached and really liked it. It became my desire, now I love it!

How do you explain our infant curriculum, “Learn from the Start,” to prospective families?

I tell them that we have an excellent curriculum called “Learn from the Start” and it starts with infants as early as six weeks of age. Most of the time I’ll have the curriculum box out and we’ll go through its contents. I explain how it is used to do lesson plans, milestone checklists, and anecdotal notes. They’re usually impressed with the activities that our curriculum provides.  I let them know that after observing their child, plans are made according to their age and developmental skills.  I also let them know it’s a great tool for teachers to work with and how much we enjoy using it.

Why do you think starting infants in an education-based program is so important?

In this day and age, kids can be easily deterred through social media so it is very important that they get a good firm foundation in an early childhood education-based program in order to grow up and become productive individuals.

Tell me about your relationship with the families in your classroom?

We’re like partners more than anything in the care of their child.  Each parent goes home every day with a written daily report about their child’s day. Not only is the report about their basic care and needs, it’s about memorable moments experienced that day.  Our lines of communication are always open to parents.  We have a trusting relationship.  They leave everyday knowing their child is in the very best of care.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment?

After working for 20 years, they dedicated the building where I am currently working in my name.   There was a dedication ceremony given to me and the directors sent out invitations to a lot of my old parents that I hadn’t seen in a while.   Reuniting with my past parents and children was so cool! Some of my former students were actually juniors in high school- now that was really cool!

How’s the new school year going?

It’s starting off exciting with a fresh new start in our newly renovated classroom! I’m looking forward to cool weather for our nature walks. Fall festivities are always fun, with everyone excited about the holidays approaching.  It’s my favorite time of the year!