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Our Blog: August 26, 2015

Smart Tips for Going Back to School

Back to School Tips for Homework and CommunicationSummer is over and you’re probably still getting used to that “back-to-school” mindset. Here are some tips for helping you maintain good communication with your child’s school, as well as how to manage homework time.


Maintaining Home and School Communication

  1. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. Communicate any specific goals you may have for your child. This will help the teacher realize that you’re willing to work as a team to make this school year a productive one for your child.
  2. Add all school phone numbers and email addresses into your mobile device. That way, your child’s school is just a click away if you should need to contact them for any reason.
  3. Be sure to update all important information in your child’s records, including phone numbers, emergency contacts, allergy information, etc.
  4. Always notify your child’s teacher if he/she will be absent from school.
  5. If you prefer weekly or even daily communication, keep a notebook where you can write down questions you may have for the day. Have your child give the notebook to their teacher at the start of the day so they may answer any questions you have. Your child can then bring the notebook home for you to review.


Dealing with Homework

  1. Keep all homework essentials together. Items like pencils, erasers, glue and more should have their own designated section in your home so kids can stay focused and organized.
  2. Turn off technology. This will limit distractions so your children will be able to place all their attention to their school work.
  3. Identify the best time for your kiddos to get their work done. For example, if your children need to burn some energy off before they sit down to complete homework, it might be best to have them do their work a little later in the evening.
  4. Reward your children for completing their school work. This can be something small like free electronic time, extra time to play outdoors, etc.