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Our Blog: July 21, 2015

Planning the Perfect Family Night

5 Fun Family ActivitiesSummer’s a great time for togetherness. So bring the whole family together to enjoy each other’s company, as well as fun activities, tasty snacks, and plenty of laughs.

  1. Indoor Beach Party – Bring the beach to you! It’s easy:
    • Make tropical punch.
    • Serve tropical foods.
    • Set up beach towels (and inflatable palm trees, if you want).
    • Play some Luau music.
    • Watch a Hawaiian movie (we think Elvis made a few).
  2. Campout in the Yard – Skip the long drive, avoid the bears and poison ivy, and just go camping out under the stars right in your own backyard.
    • Set up a tent and roll out the sleeping bags.
    • If your city permits, have a small bonfire and roast marshmallows.
    • Tell funny or scary stories.
    • Stay up way too late.
  3. DIY Drive-In Movie Night (and Popcorn Bar!) – Create “cars” out of cardboard boxes. Fill them with pillows so they’re nice and comfy, turn out the lights, and turn on a favorite flick. For the popcorn bar, your kids will love creating their own combination. Set out small bowls with a variety of toppings, such as:
    • Dark chocolate or carob chips
    • Shredded cheese
    • Spice mixes
    • Dried fruit
    • Mixed nuts
  4. Minute to Win It Game Night – You can play your favorite board games, or you can have lightning round family competitions with these quick, simple challenge games.
    • Move M&Ms from one plate to another using only a straw.
    • Try moving a cookie from your cheek to your mouth—without using your hands.
    • Pick up marshmallows with chopsticks and place them in a bowl.
    • Stack 25 pennies using only one hand.
    • Hold a popsicle stick in your mouth and see who can stack and balance the most dice on the end of it.
  5. Pizza Party – Everybody loves a good slice of pie—especially pizza pie! Younger kids love choosing toppings and putting them on the pizza. Older kids can help measure ingredients and even cut up some toppings. Make a kid pizza and an adult pizza, so you can try different flavor combinations. Or find a recipe for dessert pizza, for a whole pie-themed night!

Can’t decide what to do tonight? Take these suggestions (and any of your own), write them on popsicle sticks, and put them in a jar. Take turns selecting sticks to find out what you’ll be doing on your own family fun night!