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Our Blog: April 18, 2013

Eight Activities to Include on Your “Magic of Childhood” List

Ideas for spending time with your kidsIf you are like most of us, you are vigorously working, busy keeping schedules, and enthusiastically trying to be the best caregivers of your children, homes, perhaps pets, and even partners. When you are immersed in the day-to-day routine of raising a child, it is hard to believe that time is passing so quickly; the years of childhood are quickly scooting by. Before you know it, this wondrous being that is your child will be grown and gone.

You can attempt to slow things down by making a “Magic of Childhood” list. By making a list, you are being intentional about celebrating the joy of time spent being with your child. Include on the list all of those things you want to do while your child is still young. Maybe things like:

  • Wake up in the middle of the night to see a meteor shower.
  • Play hooky from school/work and play putt-putt golf in the middle of the day.
  • Make a tent in the living room and eat pancakes with strawberries for dinner (inside the tent).
  • Take that family portrait.
  • Find a favorite book from your childhood and read it with your child.
  • Make a visit to every park in your city.
  • Run through a sprinkler (with your clothes on).
  • Make a tradition of catching a ball game of any sort at least once a year.

Take a break from the rushing and mundane. Bask in the wonder and delight that is childhood. What can you check off your list today?

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