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Our Blog: February 19, 2013

Be the Leader of Your Family’s Healthy Living!

Be the Leader of Your Family's Healthy Living!

Our company’s mission and vision include influencing children’s lifelong learning. Part of that goal is helping our children Grow Fit. In March of 2012, we introduced Grow Fit to our families with the goal of better showcasing our commitment to achieving the nutrition and physical activity goals of Let’s Move!, an initiative launched by first lady Michelle Obama to try to solve the growing issue of childhood obesity in our country. Something we have been working on is improving our menus to provide healthier choices. Now we are also focusing on the importance of physical activity.

It is recommended that adults take 10,000 steps each day. With an average of 2,000 steps per mile, that’s 5 miles of walking a day. It is recommended that older children average 13,000 steps per day. Some of us may not take half that number of steps throughout the day. We want to change that!

Here are some ideas to get started as the leader of your family’s healthy living:

Keep It Up:

Encourage your family to stand in a circle. Toss a beach ball or other soft ball high into the air and have everyone try to keep it up! Count the number of hits the family makes to keep the ball in the air. Set a goal, and have your family try to meet it, or have them try to break their last record.

Show Us What You Can Do:

Invite your child and the rest of your family to join you standing in a circle. Chant:

“(Person’s name), (person’s name), show us what you can do.
Come in the middle and we will copy you!”

Invite one of your children (you call out a name) to step into the middle of the circle and demonstrate a way to move. All of your family should copy what the child in the middle is doing. Continue until everyone has had a turn to be in the middle.

These are just two ideas; the important thing is to just get started and to have fun! We want to encourage everyone to get moving and to Grow Fit.

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