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Our Blog: October 24, 2011

Kind Act Ideas for Your Family

Kind Act Ideas for Your Family

Join The Children’s Courtyard and Sprout as We Continue to Celebrate Kindness

Sprout and The Children’s Courtyard are working together to help make kindness count. Here are 10 fun and simple ideas to get you started. And be sure to share your kind acts with Sprout to help reach our goal of reaching 1 million kind acts.

    1. Share your snack with a sibling.
    2. Feed the pet a treat at its snack time.
    3. Play nicely in the car.
    4. Pick a few toys to donate that you think another child might like.
    5. Offer to help unpack the groceries.
    6. Help set the table for dinner.
    7. Draw a picture for mom and dad.
    8. Make your bed and put away your toys.
    9. Make a gift for your grandparents.
    10. Help clear your plate from the table.

Learn more about helping your children along the way with approval and encouragement by visiting: