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What Families Are Saying About Children's Courtyard Daycare in Lewisville, TX

What Families Are Saying

Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of The Children's Courtyard experience. The comments that follow are what families just like yours think of The Children's Courtyard. Want an even more complete picture of what The Children's Courtyard can do for your child? Read reviews online at independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“Our son is 4 and had been in a home daycare since he was an infant. We enrolled him at The Children's Courtyard to give him the tools he needs to be successful in Kindergarten next year. I knew CCY had more of a Kindergarten setting, but to my surprise, this school has gone above and beyond our expectations!”
Lewisville, TX
“Thanks to the encouragement and support of my child's teacher, my son started loving school. I am lucky and grateful for the teacher my child has. ”
Saritha A
Lewisville, TX
“I am thankful for the work the teachers have done with my son. I am very pleased with his development academically and emotionally. Both of his teachers have done a tremendous job with him. Great job. ”
Patricia S
Lewisville, TX
“My son was 'speech delayed' last August when I enrolled him after two years at home with Grandma. He has developed by leaps and bounds and absolutely loves his school. He was just promoted into the next class and is doing phenomenally well. ”
Lewisville, TX
“Our first child started here three years ago when she was three-months-old. She loves ALL of the teachers at this facility and they ALL know and love her. It's never easy to leave your children with others, but the teachers and staff here have earned every bit of our trust. The education that our three-year-old has already received is quite impressive! This is the facility where the 'Master Teachers' are, so most of them have been doing child care for a long time. ”
Lewisville, TX
“I am thankful for everything the teachers have done for my son this year. He loves going to school every day and that is a testament for both of his teachers' care, dedication, love, patience and support. We truly appreciate both his teachers. ”
Mary-Jane B
Lewisville, TX

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